Should You Have Liposuction?

There are many different reasons that people have for undergoing liposuction. Looking good is usually top on the list, but there are other reasons. Improving confidence, increasing self esteem, removing excess weight after dieting and pregnancy are all reasons that people have for liposuction. Some patients may even have liposuction to help with obesity related diseases.

No matter what reason you have for undergoing liposuction there are some things you’ll want to consider prior to your surgery. Some people are bad candidates for liposuction; you’ll be able to discover if this is you by discussing liposuction with a qualified Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon.

In order to be considered a good candidate for liposuction you should have the following characteristics:
– Good overall health
– Over the age of 18

Good general health is a requirement prior to any surgery and liposuction is no different. Get your health assessed by your doctor prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery. Liposuction can take a hard toll on you if your body isn’t prepared to undergo surgery. Recovery from liposuction can be lengthy and those who aren’t in good health can suffer from complications and infections. If your overall health ดูดไขมัน isn’t good you may want to postpone having liposuction or reconsider other options.

You should also have good circulation before have liposuction performed. Your circulation can have a direct effect on how fast you recover as blood needs to flow to the surgical area for healing to occur. Those with heart problems and diabetes are generally poor candidates for any type of surgery, including liposuction.

You’ll also need to consider the health of your skin. Maybe you wonder why the health of your skin is important to liposuction. Your skin should have good elasticity if you want to get the best results from liposuction. Skin that is loose, wrinkled and dimpled is typically not elastic and you’ll have more problems once the fat is removed through liposuction. Massage therapy after your liposuction can help with this, but the best defense is healthy elastic skin. If you have problems with drooping, wrinkles and dimpling then you may need additional surgery after your liposuction to address this.

Remember that liposuction is not an alternative to exercise and dieting. Losing weight through healthy diet and exercise is always preferable to undergoing liposuction surgery. It is however a good alternative to remove stubborn areas that seem to be unaffected by diet and exercise.

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